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The more marks one makes, the more real our existence becomes.

- Lucky Rapp -



Illustrating the interplay between the texture of cursive writing and the weight of the paint on the canvas, I began this series in 2009 and continue to build upon the body of work, refining my process and expanding my vernacular. My first cursive piece was created by pouring resin over a poem written in cursive with chalk on black chalkboard paint. The majority of the chalk poem disappeared in the resin and all that remained was the text in German, Ich Kann das Nicht Lesen (I Can’t Read This).

I typically begin my pieces by writing in cursive on the canvas then stamping text in white ink on the side of the canvas. Then I embark on the lengthy and precise process of pouring multiple deep layers of resin over the canvas surface to create my signature crystalline reflective surfaces.

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