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The more marks one makes, the more real our existence becomes.

- Lucky Rapp -

C’est Moi Chérie


C’est Moi Chérie is a foray into large-scale communication in the form of intimate messages. Saying one’s wants and needs at all times, with a twist, maybe a grin, possibly a smirk is like looking at the world with a tilted head, sometimes life is more obvious, clearer perhaps, upside down.

Beneath nine layers of paint, with hints of torch yellow, trench coat beige, a simple white, the grammatically incorrect lower-case text leads with a conjunction, advancing a larger ongoing dialogue that can be connected together, similar to a chain of open-ended thoughts that stand on their own or can be mixed together. Works in this series include: i want to be a ballet dancer and i need you to believe me; because i just want to be loved; i want to get to know you better and i need time and a chance; it felt like a kiss; talk to me; shall we dance?; let’s get lost together and the newest addition to the series i promise.

Copywrite © 2018 LUCKY RAPP