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The more marks one makes, the more real our existence becomes.

- Lucky Rapp -

Paint Politics


Paint Politics, a large-scale work comprised of 16 completely related individuals pieces, was conceptualized when I discovered C2 paints at a local paint shop in San Francisco. I felt an easy affinity with the line of colors, and was instantly drawn to the rich quality of the colors and the humor in their names – ‘love at first bite’ ‘monday morning’ and ‘death by chocolate’. The more I found out about the company the more my interest grew. To better ensure their company’s market vitality, C2 had formed an alliance to offer high quality paints within a collective structure as a means with which compete with the big corporations.

Paint Politics is about a collective of independents coming together to achieve mutual goals. The colors represent the range of spring, summer, fall and winter with rows of related color, light to dark, left to right, top to bottom. The size is proportional in scale to the color chips offered by C2 and include current C2 names and codes.

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