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The more marks one makes, the more real our existence becomes.

- Lucky Rapp -

13 Signs


This is a series I created in 2016, most of which was realized during a personal period of heart break and loss. Because this was such a ‘raw’ moment in my life, I feel like this work, and the others in the series, captured the literal essence of what I was experiencing in texture and language. What I loved about it at that time was that it was a way for me to let go with words. My favorite part of the creation process was staying up late at night editing my texts and being able to laugh out loud when my graphics person in New York would write me back and say, “I’m just not feeling this one, it doesn’t have the same impact as the others…”. I had to work hard writing and rewriting to get it to where each piece felt perfect. Another favorite part of the process, was hearing people laugh or gasp as they studied all the pieces and then look at me and ask, “do these all go together?” I would grin, because I hung them in a way that they read almost as one piece, as a story would read. I think what I relate most to about this series is that these are all things that we have all gone through at one time or another. We all hurt the same, sometimes a little more sometimes a little less but heartbreak is heartbreak and we can all relate to that feeling. ‘we were always on the edge of everything and nothing…’, well, that is how I felt in April 2016.

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