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The more marks one makes, the more real our existence becomes.

- Lucky Rapp -



This series is meant to be inappropriate, like the shock value of a word, carefully selected, and thrown like a curve ball into the least likely situation. ‘Cunt’ is an aggressive word, but when you add ’ish’ to the end (cuntish), you diffuse the word’s meaning.

This series is less typical of my previous work, in that it’s much more direct, leaving little for interpretation, with the exception of a laugh, a giggle, or a gasp. Using a minimal contrast of colors to create a tone on tone effect, I’ve juxtaposed the subtleness of the color combinations with the coarseness of the text, and as a final comment or “last word”, on the side of each work, I’ve hidden a whisper of text, ‘c’est toi’.

Copywrite © 2018 LUCKY RAPP